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Monday, January 23, 2012

Alfalfa Sprouts At Home

I have tried many, many times to grow alfalfa sprouts in a "sprouting jar" & have had mixed results.  A lot of them not turning out too well.  I have tried lots of different sprouting jars.  But I have heard of "sprouting bags" & that they are a much better option.

I recently started making my own almond milk & I learned about "nut milk bags".  I also learned that you can use a "paint strainer bag" for much cheaper.  And I learned that this bag can also be used to sprout.

So I gave it a shot last week & had the best alfalfa sprouts I've ever sprouted.  I am beyond thrilled since I really love alfalfa sprouts & I refuse to buy them in the grocery store (even the health food store) since they are constantly being recalled.

So here's how I did it.

*Put your seeds in the bag & rinse well.  Put the bag into a bowl (dark colored bowl is best at this time) & cover with water.  Soak like this 6-8 hours or so.
*Once again rinse the seeds well & place back in the bowl (not soaking in water, but leave a little damp) & place out of sunlight.
*Keep them like this, rinsing 2-3 times per day, for a couple of days.
*Once they have little sprouts all over them you can transfer them to a clear bowl (preferably) & place in sunlight.
*Continue like this, rinsing 2-3 times per day, for a couple more days.

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Danielle-Marie said...

Thank you for sharing! I LOVE alfalfa sprouts! So good!